Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to start learning music. There are a number of benefits that are not possible in private lessons and recent research has shown that in Australia students who learn in a group setting are more likely to continue learning! Lessons are 30 minutes long.

During the lesson students learn to play songs, read music and learn musical concepts through worksheets and games. Experienced and friendly teachers interact with students personally even in group settings working with each students current skills, needs and their goals for the future. This means that all students will be encouraged in their learning and see rewards for their work. Group lessons aim to include 5 students and costs $21. Resources are included in this amount. We structure our group lessons to include the following elements:

  • Group Instruction of the key concepts of the lesson
  • Individual practice where the teacher ensures the student is mastering the key concepts
  • Group playing where all students play together
  • Musical games to reinforce theory, rhythm and other important foundations of music
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    Why not try learning guitar in a group? For many this is a great place to start as there is lots that can be learned with others. We have classes for children and adults.

    It is also a very cost effective way to trial an instrument. You will need your own guitar to practice on and also for the lessons. You can hire from us if you like in various sizes.


    We also offer group keyboard lessons! These are again for both children or adults and are streamed subject to availability.

    Keyboards are provided for the lessons but students should have their own instrument to practice on at home. We have a few options that you can hire from us if you like.



    Do you like feeling as if you are on a tropical beach? The music of the Ukulele can often have this sound! We have classes for children and adults.

    It is also a very cost effective way to trial an instrument. You will need your own Ukulele to practice on and also for the lessons.

    Term 1 Lesson Timetable

    Location Time Teacher
    Keyboard for beginners Hornsby Tuesday 5:00pm Eve
    Guitar for beginners Hornsby Tuesday 4:00 Nicholas
    Ukulele for beginners Hornsby Tuesday 5:00 (Waiting list) Nicholas
    Keyboard for developing students Hornsby Thursday 4:00pm David
    Keyboard for beginners Hornsby Thursday 4:30pm (waiting list) Celine
    Singing group class Hornsby Thursday 5:00pm Celine
    Guitar for beginners Hornsby Thursday 5:30pm Nicholas
    Keyboard for beginners Hornsby Friday 4:00 (waiting list) TBC
    Keyboard for young beginners Hornsby Saturday 11:00 Nick
    Keyboard for beginners Hornsby Saturday 11:30 Nick

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