Holiday Workshops

School holidays are a fantastic time! There is more time for music!! Due to the specific nature of these workshops, places are limited.

If you are interested in joining one for the 2018 January Holidays please complete our online registration form.


2 x 60min sessions (with a 20min recess break) - 17 January 10:00am.

By the time a child hits teenage years, often it is embedded in their mind, "I only want to sing pop songs." As well as many pop songs having content that is not suitable to be sung by young children, as an adult they will discover the main way to be able to have any sort of music career is to be versatile at singing in different styles, i.e. a "crossover singer" who can sing pop, jazz, opera, musical theatre, etc. "whatever the job requires".

If later on your child decides to study singing for a music degree at university, it is highly likely they will have to be more than "just a pop singer" and fluent in different genres. Introducing children to music appreciation of different styles at a young age will open up a world of options for them later on.

Singing coach Donna Cain will demonstrate songs in opera, pop and music theatre to show children how different singing techniques produce different sounds. Then, the children as a group can have a try at singing a music theatre song, a jazz song and an age appropriate pop song, using backing tracks.

The workshop fee is $50 and students will be required to bring their own recess (to prevent any issue with allergies).


2 x 60min sessions (with a 20min lunch break) - 17 January 12:30pm.

If your child wants to get the role of their dreams in a school production, needs help preparing for the HSC or AMEB Performance Exams, or just wants to feel confident singing in front of friends and relatives, this course is for them.

Learn how to prepare for auditions and performances through proper practice methods, musical preparation and learning, dealing with nerves, visualization, stage presentation, etc. Aspects of the music industry will also be discussed such as copyright and pitfalls to look out for.

We will ask for up to 4 volunteers to present a song of their choice for the participants, and can give a constructive critique on their performance.

Volunteers need to advise two weeks in advance of the course their names, and title of the songs they intend to sing.

Please bring your own backing tracks and device to play them on (e.g. Smartphone) if you are a Masterclass Singer. An amplifier and microphone will be on hand for use during this class.

The workshop fee is $50 and students will be required to bring their own lunch (to prevent any issue with allergies).


2 x 60min sessions (with a 20min lunch break)

Monday 22/1 - 12:00pm (primary); Tuesday 23/1 - 12:00pm (high school)

It's fun learning an instrument on your own, but this workshop will show you how different instruments work together. It doesn't matter what instrument you play, you will be able to join in!

This is for singers and musicians and is in groups for primary school, high school and adults.

The workshop fee is $50 and students will be required to bring their own lunch (to prevent any issue with allergies).